How SMS is being used for better customer service?

How often do customers come back because of how awesome they felt or because of the timely information they received or the offer you sent pulled them to your store.

Communication using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus are great ways to share your information as a business but would you know if people read it on time or if at all they read it?

bulk sms percentage24-7-smscountry-customer-support

You can read and reply to SMS at a time and pace convenient for you, it could not just entice them to react/ respond faster but also can be an amazing way to be informed without having to open any application.

Whether you are confirming an appointment, notifying a package dispatch or simply following up a sale; be subtle. Here are a few tips on how to get the best response through your SMS communication channel.


An invitation with the customers name would not just make him feel special but also makes an impact on the customer that they are important. This will help in building a trust in you and your brand. SMSCountry’s SMS Excel plugin tool provides you with this personalization feature, which means in a single click you can send thousands of personalized messages.

Let the customers reply back:

Communication is a two-way thing. Give your customers a chance to reply in a way that’s quick and convenient for them. Having a “Missed Call” number in your marketing message will help your customers to respond back without having to spend any money.


“Confirm a package delivery, spa appointment or airline ticket purchase with a text message. Not everyone wants to log into their emails and find that confirmation amongst all the spam emails, this way that all important information is available to them instantly and effortlessly.” SMSCountry’s API are an easy way to automate and send information immediately.


To learn more about SMS Marketing, Voice SMS and Cloud Telephony and what it can do for your business Click here!

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Embracing Failures on Path to Success..!

“I always say that my life is dotted with failures. But I managed to turn them, as the adage goes, into stepping stones to success”. – Satya Kalyan Yerramsetti, CEO (SMSCountry)



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Netcom solutions: Customer Testinomial

Service was excellent very fast and quick response. As soon as we send mail either we get call or we get reply which is highly appreciated . special thanks to MS Sridevi and MR. Appaji both has help me a lot for small confusion about pricing policy of your company.

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Shiamak Davar International India Private Limited: Customer Testimonial

We hereby testify that we have found the services offered by to be EXCELLENT, PROMPT & DEPENDABLE!! Especially MS. SWATHI PININTI’s customer service has been rare & exceptional!! She has been our one-point-contact at SMS Country and manages both our accounts (SDIPA and VRRP) every time we were in a crisis, she was always available and went out of her way to help us with a solution!! A great deal of credit goes to her for the amazing experience which we have had with SMSCountry. We have never faced any issues with our bulk SMS related needs and the entire SMSCountry team has been extremely warm, professional and efficient in their services. We were never disappointed with the commitments which were made to us and we hereby give our highest recommendations to the amazing service which is being offered by this esteemed organization!! We extend our best wishes to SMSCountry for all their future endeavors!!

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Say hello to a month of celebration!

10 years ago, SMSCountry was launched to help businesses reach out to more customers through SMS. The excitement of launching the company would soon give way to the excitement of signing the first client, hiring the first people in the team and then zooming past milestones as we grew phenomenally. Hundreds of people joined us as we journeyed from being a pioneering SMS business to one that offers a comprehensive range of communication products like voice, IVR and cloud.

smscountry 10 year celebrations

This is what we are celebrating. In 10 years we have achieved more than just business success as can be testified by clients and employees alike. This month is a celebration of teamwork and vision and we promise you that it will be a month unlike any other!

To our team, we promise that by the end of this month you will have played so many games and pranks that you will forever look differently at your teammates! If you attended the Team Challenge Game on the first day, you will know that we have a lot of exciting events in store for you.

To our clients, we wish to extend the deepest gratitude for their faith in us and promise to continue delivering the best service always.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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